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          We have  been  doing service to temples called as ‘UZHAVAARAPANI’ (temple cleaning) and in the process  contributing towards upliftment of temples whose  state requires definite attention.   Such contributions have been in the form of revival of Nitya Pooja, contribution towards  oil, planting flower saplings, passing on information about temples, its significance  to the Society etc.  This is a very big task which requires constant efforts by one and all in the Society.  Though newly constructed local temples have a better edge over in economic aspects it is not so in the case of historic temples in remote places.


         There are 276 temples called  ‘Paadal Petra Sthalangal’  (sung by the Four - Great Saivite Saints Thirugnanasambandar, Sundaramoorthi Nayanar, Appar and Manickavasagar) and we thought of  bringing out  an information bookt of these temples which would contain the details of :

1.Historic name    2. Present name   3. Name of the deity   4. Route5.  Gist of  place history  6. Temple timings  7. Contact person 8. Contact phone number
9.  Parihara  details 10. Stay details of mutts associated with temples and their
    contact. 11. . Address of the temple

         This Book is  released in such a way to propogate to the Society the goodness of these holy places  and familiarize the temples.  It is also planned that that contributions, if any received towards the material would be utilized for such temples welfare tasks.  The book’s first edition was released in 11th June 2007 and the last edition (Sixth Edition) with more details incorporated was released in Nov 2013. (280 pages)

In continuation of the mission a Book titled ‘Divya Desangalum Tirutala Yathirayium’ was also  released subsequently on 21/03/2008. This book contains details about 210 vaishnavite temples, including 108 divya desams, abhimana and purana sthalams. Presently (Oct 2012), IX Edition was published. In the past seven years totally 18 such Guide Books were published as detailed in Contact Us section of this site. Adi Sankara preached Shanmarga viz., the six important worship path of Ganapatyam (Lord Ganesh), Shaivam (Lord Siva), Vaishnavam (Lord Vishnu), saktham (Sakthi devotion), Kaumaram (Subramanya worship) and Sowram (Worship of Sun). Nearly the publications cover 3000 temples with intricate details covering the Shanmarga preached by Adi Sankara.